Prince Estabrook, Slave and Revolutionary War Hero

presented by Charles Price

SUNDAY, Februay 12, 3:00pm
Gould Barn 1 Howlett St, Topsfield, Massachusetts
Program is free and open to all.

Prince Estabrook (c. 1740-c. 1830) was an enslaved Black man who lived in Lexington, Massachusetts. At dawn on April 19, 1775, he was one of more than eighty other men in Captain John Parker’s Lexington militia awaiting the arrival of the British Regulars on Lexington Green. Estabrook was wounded in the battle that followed and thus became the first Black soldier to be wounded in the American Revolution.

Charles Prices, as part of his decades of serving in the Lexington Minute Men reenactment company, has portrayed and talked about Prince Estabrook to countless audiences, Minutemen National Historical Park visitors and school groups.

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